IOF VIP/Media Race (10/07/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vuokatin Urheiluopisto Vuokatinrinteet
Organiser: WOC 2013
Country: Finland
Distance: 3.78 km
Time: 24:31
IOF VIP/Media race. Ran course B because we had 2nd day of KRV in the morning. 1st plan was to make a relaxing race but I read something about a pricegiving ceremony and tried to make a fast race. Legs were tiered from the morning so it didn´t really work but I was able to win the race with a 4 s lead.1st six were in 54 s so it was a really close race.
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IOF VIP/Media Race (10/07/2013) IOF VIP/Media Race (10/07/2013)