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Welcome to my digital map archive!

At this page I will publish maps and routes from my orienteering competitions and trainings.
See also my Attackpoint Log.

Steffen's orienteering training log

Regional Relay Champs (08/10/2017)
Sunday 8 October 2017
Bembemberlesberg, TGV Horn, Germany
Set controls.
Jubiläums-OL (07/10/2017)
Saturday 7 October 2017
Bärenberg, TGV Horn, Germany
Set controls.
Permanent Orienteering Course Oakland (18/08/2017)
Friday 18 August 2017
Joaquin Miller Park, Bay Area Oienteering Club, USA
Going to the course on my way to LA. Performed very bad. At control 2 I sin´t found the marker (Propaply somewere under a cutted ...
Joensuu-Jukola Model Event (17/06/2017)
Saturday 17 June 2017
Aaronmäki, Kalevan Rasti, Finland
GPS run out of battery on the way.
Jukola Training (16/06/2017)
Friday 16 June 2017
Rakokallio, Anttolan Urheilijat, Finland
Jukola training near Mikkeli. As usual when beeing back I need some time to get into map.
Long Jog Aalbäumle (23/04/2017)
Sunday 23 April 2017
Aalbäumle, Germany
ultra long
Track based long course to make my long jog more interresting. Make some extra way after finish to fill up my 30 km.
Easter corridor (15/04/2017)
Saturday 15 April 2017
Götzenbachtal, Germany
As usual my cooridor was to thin for this small map, so I had alot of problems to stay in the corridor. And I had to make some ch...
RegiOLauftreff Fellbach short course (08/04/2017)
Saturday 8 April 2017
Grüne Mitte Fellbach, Germany
Add the short course to got more running time.
RegiOLauftreff Fellbach - long course (08/04/2017)
Saturday 8 April 2017
Grüne Mitte Fellbach, Germany
Contour training (12/03/2017)
Sunday 12 March 2017
Götzenbachtal, Germany
Know the map very well, so not as difficult as it looks.
Training Schönhard (11/02/2017)
Saturday 11 February 2017
Schönhardt, Germany
Old and now very green map. Sometimes it´s nice to use the old maps to get some variety.
New years training (01/01/2017)
Sunday 1 January 2017
Bartholomä Nord, Germany
New years training on the old Rosenstein map.