London City Race (22/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: City of London
Organiser: SLOW
Country: UK (England)
Discipline: long
Distance: 12.85 km
Time: 68:53
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 172
Run Mens Open. Tried to fix the route as good as possible. Unusual for me to watch out for so many car traffic. Organiser told that there will be only minor traffic but this seemed only be valid from a Londoner point of view. The multilevel orienteering at the Barbican (control 7 - 10) really kicks me of. Control 7, take the stairs to early and run up instead of down. Control 8, upper west route. Was long but I didn´t see any alternative. Control 9, destroyed my race. I thought there must be a underpass route. When I recognize that I´m wrong I check for other possibilities but didn´t see the two upper routes (short on the east and longer on the west side) so I used the safe left route on the street level and lose a lot of time. Control 10, didn´t see an alternative to the upper route and was happy that I find my way. In this part it was hard to understand on what the map level is and it make me clear why multilevel orienteering isn´t allowed on major events.
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London City Race (22/09/2012)