Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023 (18/06/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Epoo/Ebbo Fagersta
Organiser: OK Trian
Country: Finland
Discipline: relay
Leg: 2
Distance: 15.54 km
Time: 155:48
Average HR: 134
Maximum HR: 175
Big mistake to control 2 when I left the road to mearly and missed the dith I would like have to followed. Should have aimed more direct to the path on my way to control 23. Rest was OK but my tram feeled slow but I was never able to get away from them.
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Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023 (18/06/2023) Porvoo Borgå Jukola 2023 (18/06/2023)