German long distance champs (29/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nassauische Schweiz
Organiser: OLF Mainz
Country: Germany
Discipline: long
Distance: 12.12 km
Time: 94:49
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 185
To bigger mistakes. To 5 I had a bad bearing in the end. To 14 I had planned to follow the 2 rootstocks, but there were many smaller not mapped ones, so I failed and overun the control. Less routechoices like long distances are nowadays. Finished 11th. 8th place would have been possible but at lest I beat the middle distance champion from 3 weeks ago.
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German long distance champs (29/09/2018) German long distance champs (29/09/2018)