3 days of Belgium day 2 (WRE) (19/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Zwarte Bergen
Organiser: VVO
Country: the Netherlands
Discipline: middle
Distance: 8.76 km
Time: 59:35
3 days of Belgium. 2nd day (WRE). Nice and demanding course, Missed 5th control by a few meters. The form line wasn´t godd to see in the forest and I´m not sure if this was a good conrol point. Taken the wrong path to control 6 and need some time to realize. Got my first top 25 at an WRE, but I´m sure it was never easier than today with only 27 runners.
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3 days of Belgium day 2 (WRE) (19/05/2013) 3 days of Belgium day 2 (WRE) (19/05/2013)