ArgeAlp Individual (14/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Campra
Organiser: ASTi
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: shortened long
Distance: 9.97 km
Time: 91:07
Cold was better than yesterday so I get more into running. Nice technical terain but 29 controls were to much for a long distance. Overrun the 2nd control and was ctached by Martin Hubmann but I could not follow him on the downhill part. First 6 places are:
1 Philipp Sauter Grigioni 44:40
2 Mikhail Mamleev Alto Adige 46:08
3 Roberto Dallavalle Trentino 48:45
4 Martin Hubmann San Gallo 48:47
5 Sebastian Inderst Ticino 51:37
6 Flavio Poltera Grigioni 52:53
Team Baden-Württemberg catch the 5th place in the open ranking and was the best German Team
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ArgeAlp Individual (14/10/2012) ArgeAlp Individual (14/10/2012)