German middle distance Champs (WRE) (01/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waldmannstein
Organiser: Mietraching SV
Country: Germany
Discipline: middle
Distance: 7.87 km
Time: 83:13
1. get to hight and could not interprtaed the stones. Find my 2nd controll and go back to 1st from there. 2 - 4. Stupid up and downhill but easy to find. 6. Get to hight and have to go back from the stone. Vegitation was difficult to read there. 7 - 8 Aprrox. 200 m downhill with green areas and fallen trees not on the map. Ruiend my knees there. At 8th controll were many not mapped stones that was bigger than the one with the controll. Missed the stone in the green by some meters and had to come from the track below. Control feels a little like bingo. 10. Was to hight and need ages to fix were I was.
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German middle distance Champs (WRE) (01/09/2012) German middle distance Champs (WRE) (01/09/2012)