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Welcome to my digital map archive!

At this page I will publish maps and routes from my orienteering competitions and trainings.
See also my Attackpoint Log.

Steffen's orienteering training log

POC Lorch (21.02.2021)
Neděle 21 únor 2021
Kategorie: Training
Bembemberlesberg, Germany
Preparing our next temporary POC.
Early morning sprint (16.02.2021)
Early Morning Night sprint.
Score Hochdorf (31.01.2021)
Neděle 31 leden 2021
Kategorie: Training
Aspen, OL-Team Filder, Germany
Score Training. Allowed time was 45 min, so there wasn´t much pressure. First time that I used map run. Didn´t worked well on th...
Night-O Federbachtal (19.01.2021)
Úterý 19 leden 2021
Kategorie: Training
Federbachtal, Germany
Still a lot of snow. So special on meadows the running was very hard.
Neujahrstraining (01.01.2021)
Pátek 1 leden 2021
Kategorie: Training
Federbachtal, Germany
New year training.